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Service Node Public Key: f140c3394fc23805b90ca0f218956c36bb8617700bcfdb8d16b00fca3365f461

Operator Address: LDaLnKkWUgD49pUcSKqEss92K9qPvTYDmHqdmcURauYp8p2CCkCea5s7RL5HvFK2EF2v8BFeTHJMRBpwZsgyoTt35M52bDR


Staking Requirement: 29762.901012677 Last Reward At Height/Index: 208113/0
Total Contributed: 29762.901012677 Operator Cut: 100%
Total Reserved: 29762.901012677 Register Height: 208113
Last Uptime Proof: 00:02:19

This service node is registered and active on the network and expires on the 2019-03-18 02:46:58 or in 29 days

1 Contributor(s)

Contributor Amount Reserved
LDaLnKkWUgD49pUcSKqEss92K9qPvTYDmHqdmcURauYp8p2CCkCea5s7RL5HvFK2EF2v8BFeTHJMRBpwZsgyoTt35M52bDR 29762.901012677 29762.901012677

Explorer Version 1.1 | Loki Version: 2.0.1-release