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Service Node Public Key: 802f9b1708f68dad60d33031a198b29c437c76446d8e44dc1632aa9e799f645b

Operator Address: L8NNKk7pBHLBEJxDrAzDzQ6sYzmxFYJjCVx7uzsra6Y6dg2ENgKpoWc6BkQni4wyoDNUPUVs8u4WDdN1i94QVPar7915oQe


Staking Requirement: 31946.967167129 Last Reward At Height/Index: 190201/4294967295
Total Contributed: 31946.967167129 Operator Cut: 100%
Total Reserved: 31946.967167129 Register Height: 188514
Last Uptime Proof: 00:30:26

This service node is registered and active on the network and expires on the 2019-02-19 06:53:08 or in 27 days

1 Contributor(s)

Contributor Amount Reserved
L8NNKk7pBHLBEJxDrAzDzQ6sYzmxFYJjCVx7uzsra6Y6dg2ENgKpoWc6BkQni4wyoDNUPUVs8u4WDdN1i94QVPar7915oQe 31946.967167129 31946.967167129

Explorer Version 1.1 | Loki Version: 2.0.1-release